Anker-Holth seals offer extended service life, greater sealing efficiency and lower friction. Our seal kits are constructed with materials best suited for your particular requirements. Our air and hydraulic seals are specially designed to provide a long wearing, bidirectional, low bypass sealing capability.


Viton Seals

Where temperature or fluid compatibility necessitates the use of upgraded seals, we equip our cylinders with Viton seals (Fluoroelastomer rubber) 


Viton seals are recommended for use with:


  • Pneumatic service 
  • Petroleum oils and fluids 
  • Phosphate ester fluids 
  • Halogenated hydrocarbons 
  • Silicone fluids

Other materials are also available should Viton prove incompatible.


Metallic Rod Scrapers

In areas with abrasive particles or self-adhering contaminants that could become embedded in the standard wiper, the cylinders are upgraded with a metallic scraper. Twin knife-like edges scour the rod surface, preventing harmful contaminants from entering sensitive inner bearing and seal areas.


Please contact Anker-Holth for all seal and scraper options at +1 (800) 387-3834

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