Pneumatic Cylinders


Pneumatic cylinders are specified for applications where clean, oil-free operation is a must. When compressed air is readily available and space for fluid storage is at a premium, pneumatics are the configuration of choice.

Anker Holth designs its pneumatic cylinder heads with a unique cylinder cartridge which provides an excellent seal and a greater than average bearing area to resist side load stress. This design ensures both reliability and longer seal life.


  • Bores: 1" up to 80" (25 mm to 2,032 mm)
  • Strokes: 1/8" up to 60' (3 mm to 18,000 mm)
  • Sizes: Imperial or Metric
  • Pressure: Up to 250 PSI (18 bar)
  • Temperature: -60° F to 600° F (-50° C to 315° C)
  • Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys
  • Rod Material: Steel with hard chrome plating
  • Type: Air
  • Rods available in Stainless Steel or with CERAMAGTM Ceramic Rod Coating, Nickel/Chrome and other coatings upon request

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